Nursery for Sale


If you are interested in the Purchase of the Nursery here are some relevent facts.

  It is a totally unique property, which lends itself to an exhausting array of possibilities.  The Price is  £450,000 Lock Stock and barell.

It will be sold as a Business on a Sold as Seen basis, this will include almost everything on site at present, ie, stock, Buildings, Equipment, Machinery all domains ( these have been linked to the site for many years and are worth a goodly sum in their own right) It will enable the new owners to get a very good business up and running with very little work, please ask any questions you feel relevant, and we promis to give you solid answers.  So please feel free to call John and book a Viewing 0776 072 6957

The site is a total of 13.5 Acres, South Facing on the side of a Shallow Valley with amazing views across same, With many unique features, such as Ancient Woodlands, Large Natural Wild Life Area a real Jewel in the Cornish Crown.

  It does need some TLC but this is mainly the usual Garden Cleanup after Winter, just on a larger scale,

  At present it is a very serviceable Aquatic and Garden Plant Nursery with the advantage of having a large natural area as a Wild Life Park and Water Gardens with lots of pathways for customers and visitors alike to explore.

   There are aprox 100 growing ponds, Plus a Large Lake to show a good range of the Pond Plants that are grown on the Nursery, to complement this there are far reaching views across the Valley.

  One of the most valuable assets of the site are the several natural springs, with these feeding the majority of the Ponds and the Lake, Keeping all of these clean and sweet which enhances the rapid growth of production plants with very little maintenance.

  The site Has its own Bore Hole, supplying a Potable (Drinkable) Water Supply with control and auto pump system,  the water quality is frequently tested for Human Consumption and has been all clear for the last 21 years, pure spring water. This system also facilitates all watering around the Nursery area.

The Pump Motor/Pump and Controle gear for the borehole have just been replaced by the Company who installed the Borehole back in 2000 so all guarantees will be tied to the site,  (Autumn 2021)

Latest Test by South West Waters Labs, November 2018 Clean Bill of Health. We are presently waiting for the Labs to start taking water samples again after the covid lockdown, so we can have the water tested ready for the sale.

  The Electricity Supply is a Dedicated 11,000volt Line with its own transformer, Apart from giving the site an almost limitless Electricity Supply, It also has the advantage of being practically uninteruptable, in 18 years it has only been off Twice, (this was for line maintenance).

   Sewage is dealt with by a Klargester Bio Disc System, this deals with all of the waste on site in a natural way and only needs emptying every 2/3 years depending on use, cost to empty aprox £150.

  There are two 35ft X 12ft Park Homes on site fully connected to all services and Completely habitable. Planning must be sought by the new owners in order to use them for living in, to be disgussed on viewing.

  The plant prep and Growing area is aprox half an acre consisting of a Large Aluminium Twin Span Glass House, aprox 120ft x 50ft.

  A smaller wooden single span glasshouse aprox 80ft x 25ft, this is in a bad state of repair, but offers an excellent footprint to replace the existing or some other building.

   There is also a Very Large Double Span Poly Tunnel 80ft long x 50ft wide with a floor to ceiling height of aprox 12ft, this is need of a new cover.

    Plus a smaller tunnel 80ft long x 25ft wide also in need of a cover.

  A plant standing area Aprox 80ft x 80ft.


The Ponds/Glasshouse and Tunnel space Facilitates easy production of the Aquatic Plants, or  can be easily changed to some other plant species production if prefered.


A large building adjacent to the Car Parking Area aprox 100ft x 30ft at present containing 29 concrete fish tanks for the storage and breeding of Fish Stocks, a serviceable office and some storage space.

  The Car Park is a solid area accomodating 20+ cars, but is very easily extendable in several directions.

   The front entrance is of Very Solid Construction and wide enough to take the Largest Vehicles, for deliveries, construction etc, there is also a good network of solid roads to enable access to most areas of the site.

   If you have any questions at all about the site please e-mail me:-

              To see some Pictures of the Nursery Click Here

        For more information please ring John on 0776 072 6957


  Electricity costs can be almost eliminated with the use of Solar Panels, With the site "South Facing" This is a great way to become a Green Producer,





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